Saturday, July 13, 2013

Artsy Smartsy

Caroline loves to color....scribble....which is a good thing especially since we have had such rainy days.  I have kept most of her drawings that she brings home from school (except the ones that have stickers....most of those never make it to the car without all of the stickers coming of).  We are running out of room on the fridge so I came up with (part Pinterest) the idea of having a place to put her masterpieces.  I ventured over to Hobby Lobby and bought wood letters, scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, and clothespins.  The process is quite easy. 
First trace your letters onto the scrapbook paper and then cut out.

Next have fun with the Mod Podge and spread it over the cut out letters onto the wood letters.

Take the clothespins and use a glue gun to attach to the letters.


I also bought a little chalkboard with some cute little decals to hang up. 


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  1. Super cute! We really need a playroom so I can "fix it up" with all my pinterest ideas...I'm just outta room!